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Top 10 Most Comprehensive Sources to Find Machine Learning Datasets in 2022

Machine learning is a process of programming computers to learn on their own by analyzing data. It’s a subset of artificial intelligence, which is the broader field of making machines that can think like humans. Machine learning algorithms are able to improve as they are exposed to more data. This allows them to do things like identify objects in photos or recommend products based on past purchases.



Supervised learning:

Supervised learning algorithms are a type of machine learning algorithm that learns from labeled data. A supervised learning algorithm takes a set of input data, known as a training set, and learns how to map that data to the desired output. The algorithm is “supervised” because it is given feedback about the correct mapping of input data to output values. This feedback allows the algorithm to learn and improve its performance over time.

Unsupervised learning:

Unsupervised learning is a type of machine learning where the computer system is given data, but not told what to do with it. This type of learning is used to find patterns in data and group them together. The computer system is then able to use these groups to make predictions about new data.

Semi-supervised learning

Semi-supervised learning is a type of machine learning that uses both labeled and unlabeled data to improve the accuracy of predictions. The advantage of semi-supervised learning is that it can be used to learn complex patterns in data with a small amount of labeled data. This makes it useful for datasets that are too large to be fully labeled, such as social media data or images.

Data is essential to any ML/AI project. It is estimated that the project will need ten times as many examples as the project has freedoms. It is crucial to have a lot of machine-learning datasets. Sometimes, even though you believe you have enough data, you may find that the data is not sufficient.

Techmarketreports lists the top 10 resources for finding machine-learning datasets by 2022.

  1. Google’s Datasets Search Engine
  2. UCI Machine Learning repository
  3. Amazon datasets
  4. Kaggle
  5. Government datasets
  6. Awesome public dataset collection
  7. Computer vision datasets
  8. Lionbridge AI
  9. Scikit-learn dataset

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