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JetBlue founder David Neeleman’ Low-Cost Airline Breeze Airways To Debut With USD 39 Fares

The aviation industry, one of the worst affected because of the coronavirus pandemic-induced lockdown, is slowly limping back towards normalcy. As pandemic wanes, airlines are doing every bit to cash in on a rebound. However, the airlines in the United States are going to face yet another competitor in the skied. JetBlue Airways founder David Neeleman has launched a low budget airline Breeze Airways that will take off on May 27. This is the second new airline to debut in around a month. Also, Breeze Airways is the fifth airline launched by Neeleman. The fare of the airline will start at USD 39 and the company says that it will operate on the routes that are underserved.

The airline will start its services from May 27 and the first flight service will start from the largest city of South Carolina – Charleston to Tampa and Hartford. Breeze Airways is planning to operate on a total of 39 routes by July 22. Some of the routes that the company will cover are Ohio, New Orleans and Huntsville, and Charleston to Columbus. The company said that other routes will be added in July and the services will be offered on routes between New Orleans and Tulsa and others. Neeleman said that despite the extremely tough situation because of Covid, he is hopeful of taking advantage of low aircraft prices. “We are offering really low prices and the routes we are covering have not been flown nonstop ever,” Neeleman was quoted as saying by media reports.

Neeleman had first announced its plans to launch the low-cost airline in June 2018. While he invested USD 17 million, the airline raised USD 83 million from investors. Breeze Airways said that its customers will not be charged anything for changing or cancelling flights. Most of the carriers got rid of the charges for standard economy tickets during the coronavirus pandemic. The move was aimed to win the confidence of travellers who were afraid of travelling because of the fear of getting infected. Breeze also said that it would charge only USD 20 for checked or carry-on bags. Breeze is not the only entrant in the low coast category. Recently, Avelo Airlines started its flight services.