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Global Digital Banking Market Innovations and Trends Gaining Traction from Surging Demand in Banking Industry

Digital banking is digitalization system for all banking activities to improve the customer experience of banking. Digital banking includes some services such as bill payment, money deposition, loan management, applying for the financial products, checking saving or current account and other account services. The digital banking system has three outlooks such as communicative services, informational services, and transactional services. Digital banking improves the efficiency and efficacy of business by using three processes such as fully automated, partially automated and manual tasks.

Digital banking demand is rising due to increasing adoption for the advancements in technologies in banking and financial institutes through various modes such as smartphone, web-oriented banking application, integration of internet of things, mobile-friendly banking platform.

The investment by private and public funds holders and enterprises are also propelling the demand for digital banking services.

Concern for security is rapidly growing, and online banks have an ability to handle a large amount of customer database with employee requirement. Digital banking system increases accuracy, and efficacy of the transactions by saving time and energy as compared to traditional banking services. In addition, various governments have taken an initiative for adoption of highly advanced technologies for the digital banking system to strengthen security and also increased budgetary allocation for the same.

Digital banking having various banking types including retail banking, corporate banking, investment banking. Among the banking types, retail banking segment holds a major position and provides various services such as stable deposit, low-cost funds for the bank, and less bargaining interest. Retail banking is also used to sell products by targeting the consumer.

Digital banking system having various solution types such as payments, processing services, customer and channel management, and risk management. Among the solution type, the payment segment holds a major position in the global digital banking market, as payment service can be done more effective and fast by using any digital banking application. Digital payment methods provide various types such as internet banking, mobile valet, and banking cards.

Digital banking system having many types of payment vertical including banking cards, unstructured supplementary service data, uniform payment interface, mobile wallets, the point of sale, mobile banking, internet banking, micro ATMs. Among the payment vertical types, the banking card holds the highest position in the digital banking system as banks issues cards to the client to access funds from clients own account. Banking cards are of some types such as credit card, prepaid card, debit card, travel card, commercial card, and merchant card.

North America plays an important role in digital banking market due to the high adoption of advanced mobile banking technologies and services in countries such as the US and Canada in the region.

The Asia Pacific also contributing significant share owing to increasing adoption of digital transactions and non-cash transaction in countries in the region.

Prominent players operating in the digital banking market include Appway, Point Security, Backbase, BNY Mellon, ebanklT, Crealogix, EdgeVerve Systems, Fidor, ETRONIKA, Finestra, Fiserv, IE Digital, Halcom, Tagit, Intellect Design Arena, NETinfo, Kony, Oracle, NF Innova, SAP, SAB, Sopra, Temenos, TCS, Technisys, and Worldline.