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Global Testing, Inspection and Certification(TIC) Market Applications in Consumer Product and Commodities to Rise at 5.1% Through 2028

The testing, inspection, and certification (abbreviated as TIC) sector comprise of conformance testing group which is also referred as conformity assessment bodies which offer various services ranging from inspection and audition to authentication, testing, quality assurance, and certification. Testing, inspection, and certification (TIC) play an important role in order to ensure the services, infrastructures, products, are complied with the regulations and standards related to quality as well as safety. Through testing and inspection at consistent intermissions across various industries including oil and gas becoming essential, hence the demand for TIC services is high, regardless of the industrial seasonality. The TIC comprise of both in-house and outsourced services.

The growing percentage of product recalls across various industries such as pharmaceuticals, food ingredients or food items, etc. across the globe is a major aspect driving the demand for the testing, inspection and certification service. In addition, increasing incidents of safety breaches among various industries regarding their products and services is another aspect fueling the demand for testing, inspection and certification service and supporting growth of the global market. Growing incidents of counterfeiting of products and illegal trading activities globally are propelling the demand for TIC and supporting the growth of the global market.

The type includes testing, inspection, and certification. The testing includes determining the multiple features of an entity or object of conformity assessment, as per a systematic procedure. The inspection includes analysis of product design, production process or implementation and determining its conformity with specific necessities or on the account of professional judgments along with common requirements. The certification type includes third-party verification related to processes, products, persons or systems.

The application of the testing, inspection, and certification is divided into consumer products, commodities, industry, and LFE. Consumer products or goods include various ranges such as personal care and beauty products, electrical and electronics, toys, and juvenile products, etc. Hence, significant demand for testing, inspection, training, and quality assurance solutions for the aforementioned goods is fueling growth of the global market.

The growth of the TIC market in Asia-Pacific is attributed to rapid urbanization, the introduction of strict standards, the rapid growth of various native industries and consequent growth in exports. In addition, growing awareness regarding buying certified and authentic products is another aspect fueling growth of the global testing, inspection, and certification market in developing countries such as India and China. Growth of the testing, inspection and certification market in North America can be attributed to growing food safety inspections in this region. In addition, Food and Drug Administration Authority (FDA) of U.S. had announced the Food Safety Modernization Act in order to modify the food safety system of the country along with an initial focus on avoiding food-related disease. Under this provision, the government established various standards for multiple food products, which is resulted in an increase in the number of inspections, testing, and certification activities in this region.

Major players operating in the global market are Bureau Veritas, SGS Group, Dekra Certification, TUV SUD, Intertek, Eurofins Scientific, TUV Rheinland, DNV, UL LLC, TUV Nord Group, ALS Limited, Mistras Group, SAI Global, Exova Group, and BSI Group.