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Boeing Again Halts Deliveries of 787 Dreamliner, Providing Federal Aviation Administration details of proposed Fixes

The trouble seems not to be over for Boeing as it once again has to halt deliveries of the 787 Dreamliner. The halt comes just two months after restarting it. Boeing is now working with the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States to get regulatory approval. It must be noted that the development comes as a huge setback for Boeing as it comes just after five months hiatus that ended in March. Boeing had to halt the delivery because of the manufacturing flaws in the carbon fiber shell in its most advanced aircraft. Regulators have heightened the scrutiny because of a series of missteps the company took in the past.

According to the regulator, the planemaker still needs to demonstrate that the inspection method proposed by it would meet the federal safety regulations of the Federal Aviation Administration. The agency said that Boeing chose to suspend the delivery of the plane as its proposed system of compliance had not been approved by the FAA. This is yet another blow related to manufacturing lapses for Boeing. Soon after starting the delivery of Dreamliner this year, Boeing had to order grounding of 737 Max planes because of a potential electrical fault. 737 Max has been one of the best-selling aircraft of the company but was grounded for around 20 months worldwide following two back-to-back deadly crashes.

However, Boeing is confident that it will not impact planes that are already in service. “We are working closely with the regulator and providing them all the information concerning the analysis. The company is confident that this will in no way impact the in-service fleet,” a company spokesperson said. According to a person familiar with the development, the issues that led to the latest halt are not new and in no way related to the safety of flight. American Airlines Group has 46 Dreamliners in service. A spokesperson of the airline said that delays in delivery will have minimal impact on its operations. Meanwhile, Boeing has agreed to pay USD 17 million fine to settle US enforcement cases. The planemaker may pay an additional USD 10 million. The company will have to pay the amount in case of not being able to fix quality-control issues.